Welcome Students

The real aim of the education is to prepare students for life and not for career as mistaken and misunderstood by most of us. And for this very purpose, teachers and the students have to play an equal and important role as teaching learning is a 3-dimensional process having 3 main vital components namely parents, teachers & the students. The role and contribution of any of these, can neither be understated nor ignored. We at Sarvodhya Public School, make all possible kinds of efforts to involve all three to the fullest so as to ensure wholesome personality development of our students. Our endeavor is to make them ideal citizens and above all good human beings possessing all 21st century qualities so as to make them survive in today’s hostile and highly competitive world and at the same time inculcating Indian values in them. We also make it a point to make them well versed with our rich cultural heritage without ignoring the importance of technology in their lives so that can keep pace with the fast changing and fast moving society.