About Us

We are delighted to have this opportunity to introduce Sarvodhya Public School to you and thank you for expressing an interest in our school. We believe we provide a very special environment in which both our pupils and staff grow and develop, and I hope what you see here will convey a small sense of what we have to offer. Our purpose is simple: We want to develop confident, articulate young men and women, who are interesting, balanced and independent people who care for each other. Our school provides an outstanding learning experience, but we are so much more than just our examination results. Although we do pride ourselves on our academic success, the outcome of a school should never be measured only in statistical summaries, but rather it is the journey, as well as the destination of our pupils, that is key to our success. This means we focus on every aspect of the development of our young people – their cultural, physical, moral and social development. We recognise the importance of developing a strong sense of belonging and believe in educating the whole person and teaching traditional values. This is reflected in our diverse and full extra-curricular programme and we expect our pupils to embrace the opportunities offered to them. By encouraging pupils to take part in the wide variety of activities available, we can nurture their leadership qualities, promote high moral values and encourage excellent communication skills. We want our pupils to be simultaneously competitive, co-operative and caring, as this will ultimately prepare them for life.


Sarvodhya Public School is committed to empowering every student to achieve academic excellence and holistic personality development.


To create possibilities and space for mentors and students to learn and grow in a conducive learning environment and introduce meaningful measures to enable them to emerge as better members of the society.


The school firmly believes in realizing every word communicated by any means to any and every stakeholder into reality and the school works continuously and effortlessly to bring about significant changes.